Words She Wrote

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Your chosen words and image presented as a custom collage. Depending on the project, the collage will always feature my handwriting, and sometimes another font thrown to ensure there is a nice balance. Graphics can be requested but there may be an additional charge for me to purchase, or you can let me decide based on the type of piece it is. If that's the way you choose to go, you can expect a couple of concepts to select from.

This is a wonderful Christmas gift idea (or an 'anytime of year' gift really) - think anniversaries, weddings, valentine's day, mothers and fathers day, birthdays, an 'in memory' piece... The list is endless.  

Once ordered, please email me with your chosen words and colours (if any - I'm more than happy to have complete creative control!) and any other instructions to after placing your order. 
Or feel free to email first if you have any queries or would like a different sized piece. 

File will be emailed to you as a PDF once completed, for you to print. I can assist in either recommending or arranging printers should you need.

Side note: if you'd like one in time for Christmas, I would suggest ordering by Friday December 4th to allow me enough time to get the job completed, and yourself enough time to have it printed! 

The images serve as an example only. Please allow 5 business days to be completed.
**Additional charges may apply if you request specific graphics 

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